Controlling the eating triggers

Controlling the eating triggers

Usually we eat out of hunger. Unfortunately most of the times, there are other things that tempt us to eat even though we are not hungry. Here are few tips to help you overcome the eating triggers different than hunger.


1. Do not snack when doing activities like watching TV or reading. This will make you unaware of what and how much food you are consuming.

2. Stay away from the unhealthy snacks that you cannot resist. Just don’t make them available at home. When you crave these snacks, treat yourself with a small amount. Remember you can always share these snacks. Sharing is caring and it saves you some extra calories. 

3. Identify the time of the day when you are most vulnerable to snack. Eat healthy snacks like nuts, fruits and vegetables if you are hungry, or find a substitute like chamomile tea or take a relaxing bath that will calm you down and your cravings as well. 

4. In your social settings, try to be around healthy people or take the lead to influence their eating habits making it more healthy. 

5. Indulge in a healthy lifestyle that includes organizing your meals into 3 main meals and 2 to 3 small healthy snacks, sleeping well and participating in physical activity that you enjoy doing. 

6. Do NOT deal with your emotions using food. If you are bored go out or do something. You feel lonely? Call a friend. You feel angry, go for a walk or a jog. These will definitely make you feel better.

Finally, these are habits that need effort and time for you to develop and they do not happen overnight. You must have the willpower to do these things for 21 consecutive days and they will become a habit that will stick with you!!