Burn calories without going to the gym

Burn calories without going to the gym

Ways to burn more calories without going to the gym:

1.Stand rather than sit: standing burns more calories than sitting because it engages and activates more muscles. You will burn 20-50 more calories per hour standing than sitting

2. Park farther away from your destination: this will add more steps meaning that you will spend more calories and these may add up

3. Walk if your destination is within one mile. The more you walk, the more calories you burn. 

4. Add fiber to every meal, they are indigestible and the body spends more calories digesting it

5.Eat protein at every meal: Due to the thermic effect of food, you lose up to 30% of calories just from digesting protein. So say you take 100 calories of protein, you may only absorb 70 of those calories! Aim to get protein at every meal, and go for complete proteins such as eggs and fish

6.Listen to upbeat music: you will burn more calories through involuntary movement

7. Wear an activity monitor: it will help you monitor your activity level and encourage you to be more active

8. Cook your meals instead of ordering delivery. This will keep you busy for a while and help you make better and healthier choices! 

9. Clean your house: This will definitely make you burn more calories 

10. Get a good sleep: It will prevent you from wanting to snack late at night. Sleep is when your body heals itself and helps to decrease stress in your body and allow your hormones to work properly. Lack of sleep can make you more sluggish and hungry the next day, meaning less calories burned and more calories consumed even when you don’t need to eat more. Sleep should not be seen as a luxury but an absolute necessity to optimal health.

11. Eat prebiotics: they are good for the gut bacteria. According to studies, some gut bacteria are associated with being lean and with obesity. Prebiotics found in many foods including fruits and vegetables, increase the good bacteria that keeps you lean and prevent your body from absorbing and storing extra calories as fat.

12. Carry your groceries as far as you can; walking with the bags makes you burn more calories.

13. Take the stairs: Each step you take is a way to shed of the extra pounds!

14. Drink more water: it accelerates the rate you burn calories, and can increase the metabolic rate by 30%.

15. Shop in person rather than online: Walking around the shopping mall and trying the clothes before buying them will make you burn more calories!!