Environment and health 

We are blessed with the most beautiful and generous planet in the universe. It has been providing us with unlimited resources for centuries. Air, water and food are all the gift  from our environment. This is in addition to medicinal plants, and wonderful everchanging sceneries that can leave us speechless.

Unfortunately, we have been betraying the earth’s generosity, and harming it day in an day out. We have been polluting it with the technologies we have invented to make our life easier, all at the expense of its wellbeing.

This is also affecting our health and wellbeing. The way we use the technology can have a negative effect on our physical and mental health.

In addition to my goal to make you live healthy, I am an environmentalist and I care about making Earth a better place and to protect what can be saved in our beloved environment.

Quality of life

Maintaining a healthy environment is fundamental to increasing the quality and years to our life. Recently, the level of diseases related to pollution has dramatically increased and we are constantly subject to pollutants.

Consequences of damage

We need to take immediate actions to reduce the amount of pollutants and shift our daily habits to ones that help protect and recover the environment, both for our sake and that of our planet.

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Why Activerde environment? 

The actions we take daily affect the environment around us either positively or negatively. Therefore, for the love of the environment, I created this section, aiming to raise awareness on environmental issues and together make it more healthy and beautiful.

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