Lose weight without dieting

Lose weight without dieting

Lose weight without dieting:

You do not have to go on a diet to lose weight. However, some lifestyle changes can lead to eventual weight loss and healthier body. I am going to share with you some tips, and I posted some videos that can give you more tips. I hope you enjoy them. 

These are some tips:

1. Time your meals for 20 minutes savoring each bite. This will trigger leptin, the fullness hormone. You can also pause while eating. This will help you enjoy the food better. 

2. Sleep more. 

3. Eat more veggies. They are full of vitamins and antioxidants. They don’t only make you healthier, moreover they need more energy to get digested. 

4. Consume Broth based soup. They make you feel full with less calories. 

5. Go whole grain such as brown rice, barley, oats, whole wheat. They are full of fiber. 

6. Skip the fatty foods like chicken thighs and wings and go for lean substitutes. You will still enjoy the taste with much less calories. 

7. Build a better slice of pizza: vegetables, low-fat cheese, thin crust. 

8. Drink zero calorie drinks like water and sparkling water. However, do not diet drinks which are loaded with artificial sweeteners

9. Uses smaller plates and glasses. 

10. Limit alcohol. A small shot of spirits has 100 calories. 

11. Drink green tea, it can increase metabolism due to the phytochemicals called catechin. 

12. Slip into yoga state of mind to have a more mindful eating. This will help you enjoy your food while eating less. 

13. Eat at home, and make sure your meals are healthy. If you want to eat out, go for the healthy options on the menu. 

14. Try the 80/20 rule: eat until you are 80% full. You will feel lighter afterwards. 

16. Reach for light sauce. These are the hidden calories. You can find a variety of tasty light sauces.

17. Burn 100 calories more every day. This can be met by taking the stairs instead of the elevators and going for short walks several times a day.

Always remember to live with these tips! Make them a lifestyle! The results are definitely rewarding and everlasting!