Bad habits that inhibit weight loss

Bad habits that inhibit weight loss

This blog aims at helping you maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime while still enjoying your life

If you are aiming to have a healthy weight and lifestyle, you should consider and evaluate your eating habits and what triggers you to eat more. There are some bad habits  that you may be doing and that inhibit you from reaching your weight loss goal.

Bad habits that inhibit weight loss:

1. Watching TV or using your phone  too much especially while eating.

This will distract you and prevent you from mindful eating leading you to eat more. Make sure not to spend much time watching TV or behind any screen. This will make you eat more and spend less calories. Make sure to give more time for being active. This does not have to be joining the gym. You can go for a walk, riding a bicycle or even dancing. These not only make you lose more calories, but also help you be in a better mood. 

2. Consuming too much sugar:

Adding sugar to your drinks and consuming foods high in sugar such as candy, chocolate, jam, desserts and other makes you get a lot of empty calories. Go for natural sugars found in fruits instead. Relying on fruits is a way to satisfy your cravings and it is a healthier lower in calorie habit

3. Snacking on high calorie, low nutrient dense foods.

This will make the fat build up in your body. Snack on fruits and vegetables instead. They do not only much fewer calories; they are very rich in nutrients and vitamins and make you feel fuller for a longer period of time. 

4. Eating too much saturated fat found in meats and full fat dairy products.

Go for the skimmed milk and low fat dairy products and reduce your meat and poultry consumption. Even the leaner cuts still have saturated fats in them.  And if you are worried about the protein intake, skimmed milk and yogurt, peas and legumes are a great sources providing more nutrients with  no saturated fats. 

5. Eating at restaurants, especially fast food and unhealthy restaurants.

Usually we tend to eat more at restaurants, especially when accompanied by foodies. You can always choose the restaurants that have healthy options you can choose from. 


If you want to lose weight and not gain it again, you should always aim for a healthy habits and lifestyle rather than just following a diet for a certain period of time. If you don’t change what you do, you will always remain in the same place.