Tips to lose weight

Tips to lose weight

When you have a lot of weight to lose, you will face a lot of challenges.

Here are some tips to help you overcome the obstacles that you might face:

1. Have a big breakfast: Studies showed that having a big breakfast helps in weight loss

2. Drink lots of water and skip the juices

3. Cut down  on the sugar and fat

4. Don’t skip the snacks, but remember to make them healthy and small

5. A food diary can help you monitor the food you have eaten during the day

6. A healthy cupboard can help you stay on track. Out of sight, out of mind

7. A regular exercise routine can also help: Try doing a combination of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility exercises in your workout. Build your muscles, they will help you burn more calories. Go for swimming, it is a great non-impact exercise.

8. Don’t just look at the scale! Look at your overall health and check if your clothes are getting looser. These are great signs of progress

9. If you reach a plateau for more than  3 months, it is time to revisit your dietitian for a new plan

10. Sleep better and learn to manage your stress

11. Make it a lifestyle rather than just a diet!!!