Healthy Mothers

Woman and Child

Women’s health represent a cornerstone of the overall health of her family. In most cases, she is the one that ensures the quality of care that her family acquires. The health of families and communities are tied to the health and education of women. 

The health of a woman is very important, not only for her but also for the health of the children if she decided to have any. 

A woman passes through different stages in her life. One of them is pregnancy, which is a turning point in her life.

A healthy pregnancy  starts before conception. It gives a healthy child and reduces the risk of complication during pregnancy and at delivery. Following a healthy diet before and during pregnancy makes you gain the right weight, while getting your nutritional requirements. It is important to eat right to avoid complications, and to have a healthy infant. After delivery, you still have to eat right to lose the gain weight without affecting breastfeeding. I follow up with you from before conception till after delivery. 

In addition to your health, you need to know all about nutrition and lactation and when and how to feed your infant properly since day one. Proper breastfeeding, and introducing the right kinds of food at the right time can save you a lot later on.

According to WHO, good nutrition is essential for physical growth, mental development and health of a child. This starts from birth throughout all stages of life.

At Activerde lifestyle, I care about the health of your children, our future generation. Just like you, I  want them to grow well and healthy. Join my mother and child program to have healthy children. I deal with picky eaters, malnourished and overweight kids to help them be the healthiest they can be.

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