Healthy Restaurants

Consultancy for restaurants and kitchens on food safety 

Businesses in the food and beverage industry should stay up-to-date with international trends and standards to meet food safety requirements. 

Being an internal auditor for ISO 22000, Activerde clinic offers training on food safety. Moreover, our consultancy services for food safety will help your organization develop a food safety system to minimize the risk of accidents related to food safety.

Menu Planning 

Healthy lifestyle is the new trend today. It is important to have healthy yet tasty dishes on the menu to add value to your business.

To gain the health aware clients, add healthy nutritious meals to satisfy the needs to your health conscious customers.  

With my menu planning service, I can guide you towards developing healthy and tasty dishes to your menus. This will enrich your business by giving healthy varieties that satisfy different tastes and preferences. 


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