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Nowadays, too many things are happening. We are all stressed out from the current worldwide situation and COVID 19 pandemic. Moreover in Lebanon, we are facing harder times than anywhere in the world. This made me open up the online consultation service, to be able to help you improve your body and mind in the comfort of your own home regardless of where you are in the world. 

I help you manage your life from different aspects, helping you discover the things that are hindering you from achieving a healthy weight and lifestyle. During our online sessions, I will help you in the following

  • Manage different aspects of your life in a healthy way that suits your schedule and life
  • Help you attain the weight you have always dreamed of without restricting you from your favorite foods
  • If you are pregnant, I help you eat healthy and gain no more than necessary weight to have a healthy baby 
  • If you are exercising and trying to build muscles, I help you eat properly so you can get enough proteins without having to take any supplements 
  • In all cases, the diet plan will be individualized, tailored just for you according to what you like 
  • I will commit with you to motivate you and support you in all times so that you achieve a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime. 

As of today, you have no excuse, and no reason to worry about achieving your goals 

With my online consultation, I provide a video call through skype, WhatsApp, facetime, or any other application. I will follow up with you via WhatsApp messages or calls based on the package below. 

What I offer? 

Payments will be in advance via the links below or through bank transfers or Wester Union.
For people residing in Lebanon, payments can be made in Lebanese pounds at the rate of 2,000 L.L. 

Online diet consultation packages:

1. Package 1: A personalized plan with One Video call and weekly chat follow-ups for 100$ a month
2. Package 2: A personalized plan with Two video calls and continuous chat  follow-ups for 200$ a month
4. Package 3: A personalized plan with Four video calls and continuous motivational chat follow-ups for 300$ a month

During the month, you will benefit from continuous support and with tip and tricks to motivate you to achieve your goals and maintain the results for a lifetime.

Lifestyle Management to improve your life on all levels, body, mind and spirit

1.Package 1: One video call and one weekly chat follow-up via WhatsApp for a month 100$ a month
2. Package 2: Two video calls and continuous motivational chat follow-ups via WhatsApp for a month for 200$ a month 

During the month, you will benefit from continuous support for you to achieve and maintain the lifestyle you want.



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