Online Diet Consultations

Are you too busy or unable to visit your dietitian?

Do you want to lose weight, gain weight, manage it?
Are you pregnant and do not want to gain much weight but still want to be healthy and have  a healthy baby?
Do you exercise and are worried about getting enough proteins?
Do you need a diet plan tailored just for your wants and needs? 

Are you having difficulties to commit to a diet plan?
Do you need help and support to follow your diet plan and organize your lifestyle?


As of today, you have no reason to worry about that. We are now providing online consultations for people with busy schedule on inability to commute to our clinic. We have created different online consultation packages and support packages according to your wants and needs.

Online consultation packages:

We offer different services depending on your needs and wants. All packages start with a video call via Skype or whats-app call. 

Later on, the follow up will be via regular calls and messages depending on the package you requested!

1. Package 1: One Video call and weekly followup via whats-app for 50$ a month 

2. Package 2: One Video call and continuous followup via whats-app for 75$ a month 

3. Package 3: Two video calls and continuous  followup via whats-app for 100$ a month

4. Package 4: Three Video calls and weekly followup via whats-app for 150$ a month 

5. Package 5: Four video calls and daily followup via whats-app for 200$ a month 

6. Package 6: Tailor your own diet according to your budget and time

During the month, you will benefit from continuous support and with tip and tricks to help you achieve your goals and maintain the results. 


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