Consultancy and Menu planning

Consultancy on food safety 

It is very important to follow up with international trends and standards in all businesses, especially those in the food industry. 

Therefore, to be successful in your business, Activerde clinic offers consultancy services for food safety. This will help your organization have food safety system that will minimize the risk of accidents related to food safety.

Moreover, we help you develop a detailed menu for your restaurants to give your clients a wider variety of dishes to suit different conditions.

Furthermore, if you want to develop healthier menus, we are the best candidates to help you in developing healthy as well as tasty options.

Menu Planning 

Healthy lifestyle is the new trend to adapt so you can prevent chronic diseases.  It is important to have healthy meals without losing the flavor. This will add value to your family and business as well.

If you prepare your food at home and care about your health and your family, you need to prepare healthy nutritious meals that satisfy the needs and wants of your family while preserving the tasty flavor. 

If you have a restaurant, it is crucially important to offer healthy dishes to be able to provide your health conscious customers with their demand.  

With my menu planning service, I can guide you towards adding healthy and tasty dishes to your menus. This will give value and healthy varieties that satisfy different tastes and preferences.