Clinical Dietitian and Certified Yoga trainer

When I am asked about the things I have done in my life, I don’t know where to start. Originally, I studied agriculture and food sciences at the American University of Beirut. I graduated in 2001 and I directly continued my masters degree in ecosystem management. I got my MS degree in 2003. 

After graduating, I started my teaching career. At that time, I made a shift in my life. I changed my lifestyle and acquired healthy habits and lost the extra weight I carried. It made a big difference in my life, I was happier, more confident and comfortable in my own skin. Few years later, I realized that I want to do more in my life. I wanted to share my experience and help people do the shift I did, but I didn’t have the right degree to do so. That is when I decided to pursue my studies in Nutrition and dietetics. 

I started my private practice by launching Activerde clinic, a year after graduating. As I got more experience, I wanted to expand my little project even more. I went to India to study yoga. I had a passion for it and thought it would add value to my business due to the huge effects of yoga on health. I went for a yoga teacher training in Goa in 2016 and got a certification from Yoga Alliancce. 

It wasn’t until October 2020 that I launched my yoga studio and started giving yoga classes.

Meanwhile, with my teaching and clinical practiced, I joined an international NGO and got trained on being a coach. This experience taught me so many things. Coaching is a great way to help people explore and even discover their hidden potentials in every aspect. I started using the coaching skills I learned to my clinical practice. 

At this stage, I also wanted to combine all my studies. I wanted to put them all in use. So I restructured Activerde to have different sections. The first section focuses on health and nutrition. The second focuses on yoga and wellbeing. As for the third section, it focuses on raising environmental awareness. 

I aim to live in a better world and community, and I hope that I can make a difference through my little project. I wish to make a difference and help people have a better quality of life and live together in a much better and cleaner world. 


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