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Environment and health 

The environment affects our health. A connection exists between health and the environment. Therefore, a new field of environmental health emerged. It is concerned with the effect of the environment on health. It aims to prevent and control diseases related to pollution.

Quality of life

Moreover, maintaining a healthy environment is fundamental to increasing the quality and years of life. Recently, the level of diseases related to pollution has dramatically increased. The amount of hazardous substances present in all parts of the environment is rising. The air, water, soil and even the food, all contain pollutants.

Furthermore, poor quality environments causes many health problems. This includes premature death, cancer, and different damages to health. Contaminated drinking and recreational water by infectious agents and chemicals can cause illnesses. Even indoor environments are polluted. This may expose us to pollutants that can affect our health.

Damaged environment

We have been harming our environment for hundreds of years, ever since the industrial revolution. That was when man started to exploit natural resources. At the beginning, the damage was not visible. However, as pollutants accumulated, the effects became more visible. They reached levels that overpassed the Earth’s ability to recuperate itself. They reached levels far beyond what earth can handle. What we are witnessing today is the result of many years of pollution. Karma is doing its job. Mother Earth is paying us back what we have been doing to it for 200 years.

Consequences of damage

As a result, the climate has changed. It led to more frequent natural disasters. The sea level increased. Agriculture and crop yields dropped. Diseases are on the rise and new ones are emerging. Many cities are sinking. Moreover, more cities will disappear if we do not start acting and save what remains. We have to take advantage of the self-healing power of Mother Earth before it becomes too late.

Action plan

Therefore, for the love of the environment, I created this section. The aim is to raise awareness on environmental issues. The purpose is to share simple things to help protect the environment. These include individual and collective steps to help protect the environment, and eventually our health.