Who am I?

Rana EL Hindy


By founding Activerde clinic, I started my journey as a lifestyle management expert. It was a long way for me to reach this stage. A lot of things happened in my life to get here, and I am sharing my story with you. 


I started my studies at the American University of Beirut where I studied Agriculture and food sciences. At the last semester at AUB, I had a plan to travel and study landscaping, but the advice of my professor made me change my plan. He convinced me to continue my masters degree in Environmental sciences and offered me a graduate assistantship with fully covered tuition. It was hard to say no for such an offer.  I had no interest in the environment back then. But after studying it, I became passionate about the planet and saving the environment.

After graduating, I started my teaching career at the Lebanese International University. It was challenging at the beginning, especially that my students were almost my age. However I enjoyed teaching, yet still felt that there is more I could do. Few years later, I realized that I wanted to make a change. I wanted to be more than just a lecturer at a university. I wanted to be more independent and have my own business. At that time, my concern about health and wellness was high. I had lost the extra weight I had on, and acquired a healthy lifestyle. This had changed the way I felt about myself and made a big difference in my life. So I decided to study nutrition. I wanted to help other people having weight issues to get the body they wanted since I have lived their pain. After starting my own private clinic, I was still feeling something was missing.


There was a void inside me, I was not satisfied. I had few personal problems at that time, I wanted to escape and clear my mind. I was so interested in yoga and didn’t find a good yoga class nearby, I went to India for a teacher training course. It was a life changing journey that changed my perspective about life. Moreover, being a yoga teacher would add value to my business. Guiding people to eat properly and attain inner peace would definitely help them feel good in their own skin. 


Passionate about life and people, I want to make a difference in people’s lives. I thrive to live in a happy community, and seek to share my knowledge and experience to help change people’s perception about life. Through Activerde clinic and yoga studio, I help my clients  develop healthy eating and exercise habits. These will help them create healthy relationships with their body, food, and exercise, without feeling bad or restricted.

Since my goal is a better overall health, and I know the effect the environment has on people’s health, I wish to raise people’s awareness on environmental issues. I lost two family members due to lung cancer few years ago, and that was caused by the highly polluted Litani river, that passes through a big part of my country. Pollution is a big worldwide problem and need to be addressed locally while looking at the big international scene. If each one of us did his/her share, we can recover our environment.  

Activerde Story

In 2014, I launched Activerde Clinic  purely focusing on diet consultations. As I gained more experience, I noticed that people are not happy in their life. I discovered the reason keeping them from achieving the body and life they want. Thus, my mindset shifted into coaching. I make people discover their lifestyle mistakes. After that, I guide them to find suitable solutions on the physical and mental levels. 

To complete my mission, in June 2020, I officially put my yoga experience into practice. I opened Activerde yoga studio. There, I spread the yogic culture and its benefits to my surrounding community.